From Kim Floor:
. . . It is so great to see a candidate try to take a middle ground and appeal to both sides. After all, you will be representing all of the citizens in your area, not just the people who agree with you at all times. Wouldn't it solve so many problems if other elected officials would just remember to include the positions of all of their constituents. I have worked in politics in Holladay and Washington, this is the best stand that I have seen in a long time. . . .

From Bill and Pat Child:
We have known Anne-Marie Lampropoulos personally for many years. We have lived and worked in Holladay and Murray for much of our lives, and we are pleased that Anne-Marie is running to represent this area in the Utah House of Representatives. We enthusiastically endorse her. Anne-Marie reflects our community’s priorities as she serves on a neighborhood level, in our schools, and with many charitable organizations. As a business leader, she understands the necessity of fostering a vibrant business community in our state. We have appreciated our past representation, but we believe it is time for a fresh look at the issues and a new voice in the legislature. We encourage you to join with us in supporting Anne-Marie Lampropoulos for the Utah House in District 37.

From Peter Kraus:
. . . best political ad I have seen in almost a decade!!!!!!!!!