David and Kristel Affleck

Scott and Jesselie Anderson

Arch Coal

Tony Arrigo

Associated General Contractors

Roy and Marilyn Avondet

Stephen and Wanda Bamberger

Des and Jane Barker

Greg and Traci Barnett

Rex and Anita Bean

Ray Beckett

Chad and Suzette Bennion

Richard and Joan Bennion

Scott Biedermann

Scott and Vicki Biehn

John Birkinshaw

Mike and Missy Blackham

Neal Blair

Corey and Louise Bott

Russell and Linda Boulton

Brent and Ann Bowen

Daniel and Brittany Burton

Jayne Bradshaw

Allan and Mary Brinderhoff

Mary Brinkerhoff

Nate and Emily Brockbank

Judy and Allen Brown

Calvin Brubaker

Clark Bullen

Dan and Brittany Burton

Rey and Lillie Butcher

Stephen Carr

Lenette Casper


Bill and Pat Child

Kyle and Alyse Christensen

Mac Christensen

Ronald Christensen

Michele Church

Geri Clark

Kim Clark

Chris Clifford

Kristy and Mike Coleman

Lew and Barbara Cramer

John and Leslie Crandall

Gary and Ann Crocker

Carolin Crosby

Kelvyn and Laurie Cullimore

Greg Curtis

Fernando DiCaprio

Carrie and Dana Dickson

Reid Demman

Tom Dolan

Paul and Holli Dunn

Ivan and Megan Dubois

Rick and Christena Durham

Cherilyn and Randy Eagar

Chris Eyring

Education First

Carl and Becky English

Jenni Epperson

Stephanie Erskine

Camille Fankhauser

Tim and Joan Fenton

Jeff and Nancy Flamm

Kim Floor

Patti Florence

Gary and Audrey Forbush

Greg and Erin Fredde

George and Candace Frioux

Nelson and Chrissy Gardner

Kevin Gates

Darla Gill

Patrick Gill

Barton Gill

Amy Greene

Tom Guinney

Ron and Kaye Gunnell

Bill Haberstock

Werner and Rosalind Haidenthaller

Mike and Denise Hallisey

James and Jeanette Hamilton

Scott Harris

Todd Harris

Jake and Carrie Harouny

Jeff and Jodi Hartley

Dusty Heusten

Governor Gary Herbert

Victor Herlinsky

Steve and Annemarie Hopkins

Cathy Hurtado

Kyle and Dana Hicks

Ron Hilton

Carolyn Hollis

Bruce Hough

Lance and Kathy Howell

Jesse and Verna Humphries

Tagg and Maria Hundrup

Jon and Karen Huntsman

Paul and Cheryl Huntsman

IM Flash Technologies

Jason Ivins

Ellis and Katie Ivory

Steve Jaeger

Dan James

Charles and Brenda Jensen

Lorena Riffo-Jenson

Jonathan Johnson

Ralph and Shauna Johnson

Vicky Johnson

Jason and Mimi Jones

Robert Keddington

Nolan Karras

Ken and Kristen Keller

Blake Kirby

Marged and Michael Kirkpatrick

Todd Kiser

Chris Kyler

Steve Labrum

Reuben and Sharen Lambert

Fred Lampropoulos

Justin and Kate Lampropoulos

Clark Larsen

Kurt Larsen

Sam and Missy Larsen

Mark and Dana Layton

Mike and Jackie Leavitt

Roger and Joan Lewis

Rich and Marla Linder

Allan and Kay Lipman

Brian Lloyd

Stan and Becky Lockhart

Kimberly Lowder

Damon and Carlie Lowe

John and Donna MacPhee

Pete and Annette Malen

Paul Malone

Brian Maxwell

Mike McCauley

James McLaren

Greg McNeil

Reid Mears

Rob Meier

Sandra Merrill

Craig Metcalf

Micron Technology

Brian and Emily Miller

Frank and Bonnie Miller

Sharrin Miller

Liv and Steve Moffatt

Nellie Morgan

Jim and Becky Mottola

Arlin and Bea Nelson

Mike and Tiffany Nelson

Rich Nelson

Tom and Nadine Nelson

Bob and Tammy Neslen

Matthew Nielson

Kent Norton

Sean and Jana O’Brien

Brandon Oliver

James Olsen

Norm and Nancy Olsen


Val and Emilee Oveson

Bill and Darlene Padilla

L.W. Palmer

Darin and Rachelle Parker

Justin Parker

Brad and Heidi Parkin

Stan Parrish

Casey and Stacy Parry

Don Peay

J.P. and Melissa Peltier

Rashelle Perry

Clint and Angela Petersen

Neil and Brook Peterson

Heather Peterson

Dave Pierce

Joe Pierce

Adam Piner

George and Anne Pingree

Marcus and Jennie Pinnock

Laura Pinnock

Blake Poulton

Steve Poulton

Craig and Diane Poulton

Poulton Associates

Vasilios and Shauna Priskos

Brad Probst

David Pulley

The Quality Jobs Coalition

Jane Ream

Alan and Helen Redd

Bob and Joannie Reeder

Republican Women’s PAC

Gary and Ilene Rhodes

Eric and Stephanie Rigby

Rio Tinto America

Charles and Marie Roberts

Dan Roberts

Josh Romney

Amelia Roper

Salt Lake County Republican Party

Jimmy Shea

Jim and Anne Sidoti

Louis and Virginia Slama

Hyrum and Avenna Smith

John Swallow

Ric Smith

Zack Smith

Jerry and Nancy Sonkens

David and Susan Spafford

Kent and Wendy Stanger

Mark and Suzanne Steffensen

Tom and Kristin Stockham


Doug and Cinda Taylor

Micron Technology

Bob Tempest

Mike and Debbie Tempest

Dave and Krista Tempest

Richard and Ruth Tempest

Carol Thomas

Ken and Julia Tillou

Barry and Trisha Topham

Rob Topham

Dominick and Barbara Treschitta

Utah Association of Realtors

Utah Bankers Association

Utah Food Industry Association

Utah Manufacturers Association

Utah Republican Party

Utah Tech PAC

Don and Heather Van Boerum

Craig Vierig

Carlene Walker

Amber Walton

Chuck and Kim Warren

Brian Washburn

Kevin and Myrle Watts

LaVarr and Janis Webb

Ben Welch

Melissa Whiteley

Dorothy Williams

Tony and Allie Wiseman

K Wobee

CJ Wolf

Fred and Berni Wunderli

Janet Wright

Rob and Pesha Wright

Joe and Cindy Wright

Jon and Carol Wright

Thomas and Caroline Wright

Charles and Meredith Wright

Frank and Tiffany Wright

Mike and Lindsay Wright

Workers Compensation Fund

Greg Zenger

Zions Bancorporation PAC